Meet our diversified, experienced, knowledgeable Team.

Our diversity is our strength. We know that entrepreneurs and companies benefit most from help that’s backed by experience, so our team’s DNA is based on the knowledge that diversity of background, thought and experience coupled with great knowledge creates better results.

Massimiliano Sulpizi

Founder & CEO - London

Nuria Gracia

Partner - Digital Corporate Transformation - Barcelona

Alessandro Monaco

Partner - Head of Healthcare - Paris, Rome

Xavier Gasia

Partner - Head of Blockchain - Barcelona

Franco Ferrario

Principal - Corporate Finance - Private Equity & Venture Capital - Milan

Azfar Haider

Principal - Startup Accelerator Program - London

Kateryna Berezovska

Principal - Head of East Europe, Kiev

Marie-Anne JAILLOT

Advisor - Impact & Sustainability - London

Martin Zahra

Advisor - Travel & Tourism - London

Paolo Sterza

Advisor - Nautical & Mechanical - Milan, Verona.

Riccardo Virga

Advisor - Corporate Law - London