Massimiliano Sulpizi
Founder&CEO – Linkedin

The H.S.M.I. Ltd is an independent company that was born and developed with the aim of being a partner of certain value and trust that, combining skills and experience, has the precise objective of supporting its corporate customers “Startups, SMEs and Green Economy”, in the research of new capital, and always new and interesting opportunities and business development.

Our independent character puts us beyond any possible conflict of interest, and totally inclined to the needs and causes of our customers.

We get involved with a careful and extremely effective advisory service in various sectors of finance and business management, such as Private Equity, Venture Capitalist, M&A, Corporate Finance, Turnaround, Etc.

Our Startup and Corporate Division, offers a 360 degree support, from fundraising, to advisory and mentoring, for all those founders who desire to embark on a new business venture, or entrepreneurs who wants to grow their business and constantly improve its efficiency, consistency, and quality.

Our Green Economy Division provides many different services, always assisting our clients to structure, finance and develop their projects or transactions.

Adopting a business vision that not only examines the European territory or community, but rather to the stage of countries such as USA, or those Emerging Countries like China, Russia, India, Brazil, etc, that today can guarantee real investment opportunities with highly satisfactory returns. The H.S.M.I. goal is to be close to and accompany all those SMEs and Startups that share our vision and intend to develop with us their business activities within and beyond national borders.

A close and highly professional collaboration with the main European and World Credit Institutes, as well as Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity, Business Angels, HNWI, Business Banks, etc.; allow us to follow our customers from the conception of the business idea to its complete realisation and development.


In an economy evolving more and more towards new horizons, our strength and difference is to be able to read and anticipate this cycle, in order to give you the best advice to succeed.


“We deliver the best Startup and Corporate services through experience, knowledge and engagement. What matter us is only your success, if you are successful we are successful.”