The continuous and profound changes in the market in which entrepreneurial activity develops nowadays, sometimes determine significant differences between achieve business expectations and results.

The capacity to predict and react to dynamism factors is of vital importance to maintain or create, in times of crisis, competitive advantage, at acceptable risk conditions.

Corporate Restructuring has become, in this context, a continuous process that “lives” within healthy companies, and which should not be conceived as a single event, aimed at solving the problem, but rather as a real business process, always in constant evolution, aimed at preventing any possible inconveniences that could affect the company’s life and performance.

“Restructuring should not be an one-time event, but an on-going process”– Milton Rock –

The H.S.M.I. Ltd, thanks to the high professionalism and competence of its consultants, gets involved in the Reorganization and Corporate Restructuring phases, in order to adopt important management decisions, focused above all to the Corporate Reorganization and debt restructuring:

  • Corporate Restructuring Operations in a crisis (Reorganization Operations)
  • Corporate Reorganization Operations for strategic purposes
  • Corporate Reorganization Operations for operational purposes

In an increasingly complex and competitive economic context, it becomes indispensable and overriding to pursue medium and long-term objectives, which increase and maximize the Company Value through constant monitoring of the Market and Internal Management, and throughPolicies and Processes anticipate the Company Restructuring, guaranteeing greater efficiency and competitiveness, and protecting it from possible economic and market turbulence.